With the winery acquisition and the continuing growth in the premium wine region of the Limestone Coast, DiGiorgio Family Wines offer a winemaking service to it's valued clients. This service caters for the most precise individual needs of vineyard owners and, indeed, other winemakers. The services offered by DiGiorgio Family Wines ranges from crushing to must, fermentation, winemaking and stainless steel and/or oak maturation through to finished wine.

DiGiorgio Family Wines boasts the latest winemaking equipment, including a newly installed range of micro vinification tanks and small storage vessels. Coupled with these modern, state of the art facilities, the winery also possesses traditional small open fermenters and small air-bag presses enabling the winemaker to cater for any individual requirements.

Recently, the DiGiorgio Family has extended it's commitment to this historic site by constructing a new barrel house and under cover work canopy area. The building, made from the local 'Mount Gambier stone' has added further flexibility and capacity to the winery complex, ensuring the needs of the growing local wine industry can be adequately met. Further development, including restoration of the original underground cellar and barrel store, is planned by the DiGiorgio family, as they continue to work towards their goal of achieving global recognition.



On Friday, March 15th, 2002 Stefano DiGiorgio and the family celebrated quietly when a dream came true. On this date, the family became the proud owners of the second oldest winery in Coonawarra.

The winery had been known since the early 1950s as Rouge Homme and holds enormous importance within the winescape of Australia. Rouge Homme is, of course, Redman translated to French, and it was this name which was applied to the very first release of 1951 Cabernet Sauvignon. The Redman family had actually owned this property since 1908, and held it through until its eventual sale to Southcorp Wines Ltd in 1965. The winery is renowned for the production of Jimmy Watson Trophy winning wines and has received numerous other awards for its wines.

The purchase by the DiGiorgio family of the winery and surrounding vineyards ensured that the winery was in terrific condition and contained state of the art technology, whilst retaining the historic elements of the building. These include the traditional open fermenters and underground cellar that was the original cellar door of the Redman family.

Being the second oldest winery in the district, the aged vines surrounding the winery are planted on the famous terra rossa soil located in the heart of Coonawarra. This has provided the DiGiorgio family with a wonderful source of premium fruit, a state of the art production facility and a centrally located cellar door in Coonawarra.